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October 15, 2020

6 Facts About Kids Cars Everyone Thinks are True

Kids love toys, for toys can entertain them and cultivate their abilities at the same time. Now the car-shaped toys for the kids have swept the market of kid’s toys. Here are 6 facts about kid’s cars everyone thinks are true.

Various shapes

As we all know, all products have diversified shapes, so do kid’s cars. Facing a variety of car toys, each kid will choose his/her favorite one according to the taste. Especially if the shape of it is so striking, it will be the top priority of the kid. Besides, the different models of kid’s cars also provide more choices for the kids, and the diversity of them will help promote the sale and expand the scale.

Various brands

There are a handful of brands engaging in kid’s cars for the kids. Every brand knows where to go and how to go far. Take the brand “TOBBI” as an example, it is an online shopping brand focusing on youngsters with a wide selection of safe, educational, developmental, and entertaining products, such as realistic electric cars for the kids. Besides, the brand “Goodbaby” mainly takes the high-end route. Its main products are the Mini Coopers and Disney Mickey Mouse models authorized by BMW. Its Xiaolong Habi sub-brand is mainly for the domestic mid-end market.

Multiple functions

It’s known to all that most kids love fresh and exciting things. Currently, an increasing number of manufacturers strive to upgrade the kid’s cars to attract kids’ attention and win their heart. Therefore, the kid’s cars now are full of multiple functions. For instance, some kid’s cars are equipped with the remote control, which is a tool for parents or kids to control the direction or carry out other operations. Also, other cars can play the music. When they are driving, it will automatically play sweet songs, which helps to increase the joyful atmosphere.

Simple operation

As the cars are designed for the kids, therefore the operations of children’s vehicles should also be as simple as possible. Generally speaking, for children under 5 years of age, too difficult operations are not easy for them to control. Worth still, it is easy to distract their attention, causing safety hazards.


In order to ensure the safety of materials, parents should choose brand models that have passed various safety certifications, generally at least with domestic 3C certification, and preferably ASTM (US) or CE (Europe) certification. The domestic 3C certification mainly has certain requirements for the heavy metal content of materials. Excessive heavy metal content will affect the brain development of children.


Before the kids start to driving, the parents should check the car to ensure the safety of them. Remember to fasten the safety belt. In addition, the driving experience should be under the parents’ supervision.

All in all, these facts are true and the parents should pay attention to them. Hope the car-shaped toy will be a good companion for the kids.

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