Kids on the single plastic seat (1 safety belt) can easily operate the electric 4-wheeler forward/backward by the soft-start button, functional steering wheel, and foot pedal. Parents can also handle the vehicle with 2.4G RC (3 speeds) for interaction and safety.


 Powered by a UL-certificated 12V rechargeable battery that can ensure the longevity of 1-3 years, the kids Rover including power display ensures long-running (for about 1-2 hours) after a full charge. After the first use, recommend to charging 8 hours but not more than 12 hours.


As a licensed replica of Range Rover, this 12V Kids motorized car with an iconic grilling front, opening high doors, and working front/rear LED lights is a perfect gift for boys and girls (3-6 years old) to enjoy realistic cruise outdoors.


Not just to improve motor skills, the toddler ride on with lights also allows kids to play the inbuilt songs, stories, and early educational materials for endless fun. The horn sounds help to deliver the authentic coming.


The Florida Scrub Jay is one of the species of scrub jay native to North America. It has a strong black bill, blue head and nape without a crest, a whitish forehead and supercilium, blue bib, blue wings, grayish underparts, gray back, long blue tail, black legs and feet.


The Florida Scrub Jay is found only in Florida scrub habitat, an ecosystem that exists only in central Florida and in limited areas along the Atlantic coast, and is characterized by nutrient-poor soil, occasional drought, and frequent wildfires.


Florida Scrub Jays are omnivorous and eat a wide variety of acorns, seeds, peanuts, insects, tree frogs, turtles, snakes, lizards, and young mice. They have also been occasionally observed to eat other birds’ eggs or nestlings, but this occurs rarely.


Habits and Lifestyle

Florida Scrub Jays are social and very territorial. They live in family groups which consist of a breeding pair and their offspring. Florida Scrub Jays are active during the day and at night all family members roost together within their territory. When foraging, scrub jays usually hop, walk, run around in search of food or fly short distances catching insects on the wing. Florida Scrub Jays communicate with loud harsh shreeps or hiccup-like sounds made mainly by females and their song is composed of trills.

Mating Habits

Florida Scrub Jays are monogamous and form long-lasting pair bonds. The mating season usually occurs from March to June. The birds locate their nest in trees and build them from twigs and palm fibers. Clutches usually contain about 3 to 4 eggs which are incubated in about 17 days. The chicks hatch altricial; they are naked and helpless. Fledging occurs in 16 to 19 days and nestlings become independent when they are 10 weeks old. After about 2 to 3 years, the chicks leave their family group to form mating pairs of their own.

Take The Gabber: The Florida Scrub Jay in Brevard County

Bob and Melinda O’Dell are on a mission (apparently) to get the Florida scrub jay to read the paper. They found this little guy while on a trip to the Helen and Allan Cruickshank Sanctuary in Brevard County.

The Audubon Society lists the Florida scrub jay, endemic to the disappearing Florida scrub, as one of the most endangered birds on the planet. The birds are social, inquisitive, and, as you can tell, fascinated by The Gabber Newspaper.

Have you taken the Gabber somewhere? We want to see your pictures! Please send a high-resolution photo and a brief description to [email protected].

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