Ideal Gift for Kids

This cool motorcycle is available in 3 colors and features a power display, forward, high/low-speed adjustment functions. Great as a birthday or Christmas gift for kids aged 5-12 to create a happy childhood.

Safe & Smooth Running

With soft start technology and shock-absorbing spring suspension, this dual-motor motocross runs safely and smoothly at 1.5-5 mph by pressing the switch and the one-click start button on the right handlebar.

Durable & Comfort Structure

Made of kid-friendly PP and metal frame, this off-road street bike is durable and holds up to 66 lbs. Besides, the wide curved seat perfectly fits the child’s body curve for higher comfort in driving.

Plenty of Play Time

Powered by a 12V large-capacity battery, this dirt bike allows your little one to play for 40-60 minutes after being fully charged. Suitable for wooden floors, lawns, rubber runways, cement/asphalt roads or other flat ground.


The Hog-Badger is a carnivorous mammal native to Asia. It is one of the world’s largest terrestrial extant mustelids going on average body mass, perhaps behind only the wolverine and rivaling the European badger. The appearance of the Hog-Badger generally resembles the European badger, but it is generally smaller, with larger claws on the front feet. Its tail has long white hairs, and its front feet have white claws.


Hog-Badgers are found in South and Southeast Asia. They live in tropical evergreen forests, savanna, grasslands and shrubland, hills, and mountains.


Hog-Badgers are omnivores. Their diet includes worms, insects, small mammals but also fruits, tubers, and roots.


Habits and Lifestyle

Hog-Badgers are ground-dwelling animals. They are very shy and lead a secretive solitary life. These are territorial creatures that mark their territories with their scents on the grass, rocks, and tree trunks. Hog-Badgers are active both during the day and night, spending most of their time foraging. They are excellent burrowers and dig into the ground to create burrows for shelter and to find their food. During feeding, the badger digs not only with its claws, but also uses its long movable muzzle, just like a pig, which actually has led to its common name.

Mating Habits

The breeding season of Hog-Badgers takes place around May. The female gives birth to 2-4 cubs which are usually weaned at the age of 4 months.

Landfill Badgers ‘Protected’ During Building Work

Measures have been taken to protect badgers living on a former landfill site during the construction of a new waste-handling plant. Highland Council’s materials recovery station in Inverness’s Longman area is nearing completion. Once open, the facility will sort waste collected in and around the city into materials that can be recycled or made into fuel bales to be burned in waste incinerators. Badgers are a protected species and the animals live and forage in woodland on the former Longman landfill site. Highland Council and Scottish government agency NatureScot said measures to protect the creatures had included regular monitoring by an ecologist and a 10m (32ft) exclusion zone around a badgers’ sett. NatureScot said building firm Morrison Construction had also been given advice on how to do its work on the site while minimising disruption to the local wildlife. A spokeswoman said: “This includes appropriate protection measures and ensuring the relevant licences are in place.” She added: “Protection measures such as badger sett exclusions are unlikely to impact greatly on the project cost or time delays.” The price of the project has increased to £14m, however the additional cost of about £1m has been due to rising costs of building materials.
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