2 Driving Modes

Parental remote control: Parents can help your children control this toy car with 2.4G remote control (3 adjustable speeds); Manual operate: Your little one can operate it themselves by foot pedal and steering wheel (2 adjustable speeds).

Kid-Friendly Designs

a. Soft start design prevents your kids from being scared by sudden acceleration. b. The retractable handle and wheels make it easy to move when it is not running. c. Spacious seat with safety belt ensures comfortable and safe riding experience.

Police Car Riding Experience

Featuring flashing light, siren, intercom and police signs, our kid ride on police car offers an authentic police officer experience to your children. Simple assembly required. Recommended age: 3-8.


Enjoyable Ride

Equipped with music, story and horn, this electric vehicle will make your little one’s ride more enjoyable. Moreover, the Bluetooth function, AUX port, USB interface and TF card slot also allow you to connect to your own device to play music. (TF car not included)



The Sichuan Takin or Tibetan Takin is a subspecies of takin. It has a thick body shape, 39.4 to 51.2 inches in height at the shoulder; 5.9 to 7.9 inches in tail length; and 551 to 882 pounds in weight. Both males and females have short horns, which are twisted and generally about 7.87 long. Head like a horse, horns like a deer, hooves like a cow, tail like a donkey its body size between cattle and sheep, but in the teeth, horns, hooves and others closer to sheep, is a large bovine herbivore. The hair is fluffy, with long hairs on the side of the body and jaws, and stout legs. The body is light yellowish gray or straw colored, with dark gray patches on the back, legs and rump. There are some bodies with orange, reddish brown to yellow forequarters and darker, grayer hindquarters. The summer body color is predominantly golden yellow.


The Sichuan Takin is an alpine animal that inhabits the high altitude alpine cliffs. From low to high, there are evergreen deciduous broad-leaved forests, deciduous broad-leaved forests, mixed coniferous forests, coniferous forests and alpine meadow thickets. They have a thick coat, can withstand the cold, not afraid of the cold, but afraid of heat. When the temperature is close to 30 ℃ in summer, panting per minute that is more than 100 times. They often inhabit alpine forests and meadows above 2,500 meters, and migrate to rocky areas in coniferous forests below 2,500 meters in winter.


The shrubs, young trees, young grass and the bark of some tall trees under the forest are their delicacies. They hide in the bamboo forest and scrub to rest during the day, and come out to feed at dusk and night. Up and down in the mountains, across the cliffs, like walking on flat ground. It feeds mainly on grasses, leaves and flower buds.


Habits and Lifestyle

The Sichuan Takin likes to live in groups, with about 20-30, as many as 50 heads per group. They are robust and fierce in nature. They are generally active during the daytime. In winter, the herds are small in size, but in summer, the herds can expand to more than 100.

Mating Habits

The mating season of Sichuan Takin is July-August, and the gestation period is about 8 months, with each litter giving birth to 1 little takin. The average life span is 12-15 years.

Ohio Safari Park Welcomes 4 Sichuan Takin Kids

An Ohio safari park is celebrating the births of four new Sichuan takin kids.
The takin kids were born at The Wilds in Cumberland, Ohio, on March 14, March 16, March 17 and April 9.

According to officials at The Wilds, the takin kids are doing well and are enjoying life out in the pasture with the rest of the herd. The herd now has 54 members.

Takin kids are able to follow the herd just a few days after they’re born.

Officials said the takin kids will nurse from their mothers for around two months.
Sichuan takins, otherwise known as goat-antelopes, are native to the same region of China as the giant panda.
The Wilds opened for the season on May 1.

At The Wilds, guests can board an open-air safari and a guide will take you through open-range animal areas. Guests will get the chance to see rhinos, giraffes and many other rare and endangered animals roaming around, including the Sichuan takins. The tour takes two or more hours. The tours will be available in May from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily.

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