ATV Fun with Carrying Trailer

Great gift for kids aged 3-6 years, this 6V electric tractor with a detachable trailer not only offers a realistic driving experience but also allows kids to do carrying chores indoors and outdoors (the trailer is only for light items).

Safe and Smooth Ride On

Made of premium PP with an ergonomic wide seat, this electric 6-wheeler can hold a little driver within 66 lbs. Treaded tires provide high traction on grass, dirt, gravel, and pavement.

High Performance Powered Car

Equipped with a 6V 4.5Ah UL-certified rechargeable battery and a 6V 25W motor, the battery-powered quad will last about 1 hour after full charge, providing your child a riding journey at the speed of 1.86-3.73 mph.


Easy to Operate

Easy to assemble the ride-on toy according to the detailed manual. Just turn on the start button and step on the foot pedal, the toddler can move the car forward and backward easily.



The Transcaspian Wild Ass is characterized by a pale brown coat, a dark stripe down the spine and white patches on the sides, back and belly. It also has a shaggy black mane and a tuft at the tail end. During the summer, their coat is leaner and brown, then it turns into a thick grayish-brown winter coat during the cold season.


The Transcaspian Wild Ass lives in Central Asian deltas, hot and cold deserts or semi-deserts, steppes, arid grasslands and shrublands. The Turkmen specimen used to be the most widespread of the onagers, ranging from northernmost Iran and northern Afghanistan, the Transcaspian Oblast and western China to Ukraine and southern Siberia.


The Transcaspian Wild Ass are herbivorous mammals. They feed on herbs, shrubbery and plants. Most of their liquid comes from food, although often traveling at water sources, especially when breast-feeding their offspring.


The scorching heat of the Central Asian deserts makes the Transcaspian Wild Ass mostly active at dawn and dusk when temperatures are milder. The kulans, like most onagers, are one of the fastest land mammals and can run at high speed of 70 km/h.

The mare lives with foals in small herds. The dominant stallion defends the surrounding areas to the water sources and tries to mate with any females that come close to drink. The mare, after a gestation period of about a year, gives birth to a single foal that stays with her mother for the first two years of life.

The Wild Ass and the Jackal

A jackal used to roam around the mountains for his prey. One day, he saw another jackal and they began to narrate the story of their conquests. The first jackal told the other that once when he saw a wild ass, he killed him and ate the heart of the wild ass very heartily. He was so full in his stomach that he could not eat for many days as he was not hungry. When the other jackal heard this story, he become too jealous and willed to do the same. He got so worried that he was unable to kill a wild ass. He fell sick and slept in his house for many days.

Some hunters chased a wild ass and shot him with a forked arrow. The wild ass fell down dead in front of the jackal’s house. The two hunters could not remove the forked arrow and left it as it was. The jackal saw the dead animal, felt happy, tore into the body and ate the heart. As he ate it, the forked arrow got stuck in his throat. He realized that the Allah fulfilled his needs but punished him for greed.

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