Ideal Gift for Kids

Designed with 2 removable training wheels, this kids ride-on motorcycle perfectly ensures great balance, which will be a screaming birthday or Christmas present for children who varies from 3-8 years old to enhance their independence.

Safe and Smooth Running

A certified PP car body combines with spring-suspension wheels to ensure a safe cruise on most terrains at the speed of 3.1 mph. Your youngster is allowed to ride continuously for about 1 hour after being fully charged.

Simple & Realistic Riding Experience

The electric dirt bike with upgraded dual motors and simulated start sound allows your little one to easily move forward or backward after switching on the start-up key.


Lights & Sound Effects

Bright headlight and tail-light bring extra fun in driving while USB, MP3 port and music provide more alternatives to furthest utilize both educational and entertainment functions.



Pampas Cats have the appearance of heavy set domestic cats. Their fur varies from soft and thick in colder areas to straw-like and thin in warmer climates. The color ranges from grayish-yellow and yellowish-white to brown, gray brown, light gray and silvery gray. Their underparts are cream or whitish, and are marked with black or brown spots. The coat may have red gray streaks or spots or may have almost no markings except for some brown bands on its legs and tail. Typically its front and back legs have distinctive bands of brown, and its short, bushy tail has somewhat indistinct black or brown rings. Long hairs on its back stand up when the cat is frightened or nervous, making the cat appear much larger than it really is.


Pampas Cats inhabit south-western South America and are found in scrub thicket or open woodland; cloud forest; cold, semi-arid areas of desert; floodplains, low-lying swamps, and mountainous slopes.


Pampas Cats prey on small mammals like guinea pigs, and ground-dwelling birds. Sometimes they take penguin eggs or chicks from nests. They also take poultry, where they live in the same area as humans.


Pampas Cats are predominantly terrestrial and nocturnal. But individual animals have been seen during the day in the wild. Although it is not considered arboreal, these cats are very good tree climbers, and do this if feeling threatened. Not much is known about the animal’s communication methods and social structure. Pampas Cats in captivity have been seen, when excited, erecting the long crest of hair along the midline from their head to tail.

The behavior and mating system of the Pampas Cat are not known. In the northern hemisphere in captivity they breed from April to July. The gestation period is 80 to 85 days, with 1 to 3 being born per litter. The mother provides her young with milk. Details of parental care are unknown, but, as with other cats, the young probably need caring for. They are likely born in a den and looked after by their mother until she takes them on foraging trips. In captivity, the young reach sexual maturity at about 21 months old.

The Kitten

Once there lived a brother and sister- Vasya and Katya. They had a cat. Once, in the spring season, the cat was lost. The children could not find it anywhere, though they looked for it everywhere.

One day, they heard many soft meows from the roof of the barn, while they were playing nearby. Vasya climbed onto the roof, and found to his great joy that their cat had given birth to four five lovely kittens. He screamed in delight, to Katya, “I’ve found her! It’s out cat..and she had five kittens..They look so sweet. Come here, quick!”

Katya and Vasya visited the roof of the barn everyday. They fed the mother cat very well so that she will have enough milk to feed her babies. The barn roof had become the home of the cats.

The five kittens grew very fast. Whey they were big enough to crawl, Vasya and Katya took one of them with them to their house. It was grey and had white paws. The children’s mother gave the other kittens away to her friends, but let Vasya and Katya keep the grey kitten.

One day, the children decided to take the kitten to the meadow in front of their house, to play with it. The tall grass was stirring in the wind and the kitten happily played with it. Then Vasya and Katya saw some strange-looking leaves and began to pick them, forgetting all about the kitten.

Suddenly, they heard some sounds. Someone was shouting, “Come back, come back!” They saw a hunter riding a horse, and his two dogs were running ahead in the direction of the kitten. The dogs were getting close, and the kitten, instead of running away, stiffened and crouched, ready to face the dogs. It looked so tiny in front of the big dogs.

Katya screamed, and Vasya ran to the kitten as fast as he could, and fell on the kitten just as the dogs were about to pounce on it. Luckily, the hunter galloped up at that same moment, and drove the dogs away.

The children took the kitten home and they decided to never bring it out with them to the meadow.

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