ATV Fun with Carrying Trailer

Great gift for kids aged 3-6 years, this 6V electric tractor with a detachable trailer not only offers a realistic driving experience but also allows kids to do carrying chores indoors and outdoors (the trailer is only for light items).

Safe and Smooth Ride On

Made of premium PP with an ergonomic wide seat, this electric 6-wheeler can hold a little driver within 66 lbs. Treaded tires provide high traction on grass, dirt, gravel, and pavement. 

High Performance Powered Car

Equipped with a 6V 4.5Ah UL-certified rechargeable battery and a 6V 25W motor, the battery-powered quad will last about 1 hour after full charge, providing your child a riding journey at the speed of 1.86-3.73 mph.


Easy to Operate

Easy to assemble the ride-on toy according to the detailed manual. Just turn on the start button and step on the foot pedal, the toddler can move the car forward and backward easily.



The Mongolian Wild Ass, also known as Mongolian khulan, is the nominate subspecies of the onager. It is found in southern Mongolia and northern China. It was previously found in eastern Kazakhstan and southern Siberia before being extirpated there through hunting. As of 2015, the Mongolian Wild Ass is listed as Near Threatened by the IUCN. Current population estimates are approximately 42,000 individuals in Mongolia and around 5,000 individuals in Northern China.


The Mongolian Wild Ass has become primarily confined to the desert-steppe, semi-desert and desert habitats of the Gobi Desert.


Mongolian Wild Asses are herbivorous mammals. They feed on grasses, herbs and vegetation. They also feed on shrubs and trees in drier habitats. During spring and summer in Mongolia, the succulent plants of the family Zygophyllaceae form an important component of the diet of the Mongolian Wild Ass.


Mongolian Wild Asses are known to dig holes in dry river beds and water sources to access subsurface water to drink in response to the lack of water during hot summers in the Gobi Desert.

Mongolian Wild Asses are monogamous. The breeding season is from April to October.

The Pack-Ass, the Wild Ass, and the Lion

A Wild Ass saw a Pack-Ass jogging along under a heavy load, and taunted him with the condition of slavery in which he lived, in these words: “What a vile lot is yours compared with mine! I am free as the air, and never do a stroke of work; and, as for fodder, I have only to go to the hills and there I find far more than enough for my needs. But you! you depend on your master for food, and he makes you carry heavy loads every day and beats you unmercifully.” At that moment a Lion appeared on the scene, and made no attempt to molest the Pack-Ass owing to the presence of the driver; but he fell upon the Wild Ass, who had no one to protect him, and without more ado made a meal of him.

Moral: It is no use being your own master unless you can stand up for yourself.

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