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October 19, 2020

How Kids Tractors Will Stop Global Warming

With the increasing growth of the population and the deterioration of the environment, global warming has emerged, which will potentially pose a threat to our planet. It’s known to all that climate change is caused by fossil fuels like oil and coal as well as a greenhouse gas, that is, carbon dioxide. Human activities, including cutting down trees and then burning them, are the culprit for generating the greenhouse gas.

As the economy grows and technology develops, new energy vehicles have become a rising star in the automobile industry. The primary reason is that this kind of automobile appears environmentally-friendly. Now, the tractors designed for the kids have gone viral. So, how kid’s tractors will stop global warming?


The environmentally-friendly materials refer to those featuring green, natural, environmental, and safe. Currently, most material made for tractor toys for the kids is high-quality non-toxic PP material, which complies with the American Society for Testing Materials of toys (ASTM F963 standards).

The pp material, namely polypropylene, is a non-toxic, odorless, and tasteless milky-white highly crystalline polymer with excellent comprehensive properties. It will pose few threats to our environment.


Automobile exhaust pollution has become a worldwide public hazard, beacause it has contributed to the increase in greenhouse gas concentration to some extent. The internal combustion engine of a car is a small chemical plant that consumes a large number of petroleum resources.

The burning of gasoline generates driving force, and at the same time, it produces lots of complex chemical reactions, which emit plenty of greenhouse gases, intensifying the greenhouse effect.

Now, a handful of kid’s tractors is driven by electricity without triggering automobile exhaust pollution, which is a piece of good news.


It’s a global trend to recycle renewable resources and continuously recycle materials. Sustainable development refers to meet the needs of contemporary humans without damaging the ability of future generations to meet their needs. We are taking priority to the quantity of economic growth and meanwhile focusing on the quality of it. The principal sign is that resources can be used forever and maintain an ecological environment.

Because of its PP material and the electricity-driven feature, the tractor toys belong to the recycled material for another use. A great many people may throw away useless things, which is a waste of resources. Now, the garbage classification has become prevalent as well as people’s awareness of protecting the environment is on the rise. Besides, a handful of people will choose to recycle the useful gadgets of the tractors to avoid resource waste.

In conclusion, our government is aiming to build a “conservation-oriented society”, which is every citizen’s duty to achieve. Every year, billion tons of carbon dioxide permeate into the air, which in part results in global warming and climate change. There is still a long way to go to promote the sustainable development of the economy and society following the request of energy-saving and emission reduction. However, the emerging of kid’s tractors can help diminish the emission of carbon dioxide, and thus stop global warming to some extent.

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