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October 19, 2023

The Little Secrets Hidden in kids ride-on car Designs

As a tool for vehicle, in addition to meeting the basic safety and convenience needs, designers often hide some interesting little secrets on the body of the kids ride-on car to increase children’s fun and imagination. Among them, take the animal series kids ride-on cars as an example, designers skillfully integrate animal elements into the design of kids ride-on cars, so that children can experience the fun of getting close to animals while using kids ride-on cars.

Drawing on the characteristics of birds, the use of lightweight materials makes the overall weight of this aviator kids ride-on car light and easy to carry and push. The design references the bird’s wings to simulate the wings of a real flying machine, adding to the cuteness and fun of the kids ride-on car.

Referring to the shape and color of the shell of a snail, the design of the kids ride-on car is similar to the appearance of a snail shell. It not only increases the uniqueness of the kids ride-on car, but also provides extra protection and safety. In addition, at the same time, the snail tentacles are transformed into a joystick, which has a chic appearance and makes the kids ride-on car more interesting.

Incorporating the characteristics of a fox, the handlebar simulates the two ears of a fox, making the kids ride-on car even more adorable and childlike. Stickers are also used on the kids ride-on car to add additional fox patterns to increase the visual appeal of the kids ride-on car. The special design also reserves storage space, similar to the fox’s lair, which is convenient for children to carry their belongings.

By skillfully integrating animal elements into the design of the kids ride-on car, the designers allow children to build a close relationship with the animals while using the kids ride-on car. This not only increases children’s fun and imagination, but also cultivates their concern for animals and their sense of protection. Therefore, the design of the animal series of kids ride-on cars not only meets the travel needs of children, but also provides them with an opportunity to get close to the animals.

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