May 29, 2023

How to DIY The Kids’ Ride-On Car Seat Height for Your Baby’s Comfort??

Every parent needs a stroller. Every parent wants convenience. Finding the perfect match between a stroller seat and children to suit your lifestyle can be tricky. Things get even more complicated if you??re looking for something that can help with a very specific need: a stroller that can?grow with your baby.

Parents and caregivers continue to improperly harness children into the stroller seats, according to research and a consumer-engagement study conducted by Consumer Reports. Many of the participants revealed the struggles and confusion they have experienced., such as: not re-adjusting the harness straps as their child grew; that can increase how much a child’s body can move during a crash; allowing one side of the harness strap to be looser than the other, which means the crash forces are distributed unevenly to a child’s body. Not adjusting the distance between the stroller seat and the front and the height of the stroller as the child grows makes the child’s driving experience not as good.

??Why Proper Harnessing Is Important????

A tight harness secures a child to the car seat and limits the transfer of crash forces to that child. A correctly positioned, tight harness reduces a child’s movement during a crash. At the same time, the harness spreads the forces of the crash evenly over the stronger, bony parts of the child’s body, specifically the shoulders and hips. This also helps to control the movement of the child’s head during a crash.

“Proper harnessing ensures that your child is reaping the full benefits of both the car seat and the vehicle’s crash management features,” says Emily Thomas, Ph.D., Consumer Reports’ auto safety engineer.

??The Benefits of Adjustable Seats??

As children grow, their height and weight change, and if the seat is not adjustable, it may result in insufficient leg space for the child, affecting their comfort and health. The adjustable stroller seat can be adjusted according to the child’s height and weight to ensure that they have enough leg space and avoid unnecessary discomfort and pain. In addition, the adjustable stroller seat can also help children maintain the correct sitting posture, reducing the pressure on the spine and contributing to the healthy development of the child’s body.

Children’s ride on bike from TOBBI is exactly the one that can adjust the position of the seat. It offers two choices of different wheel heights and seat-to-steering wheel distances, so you can choose the most suitable combination to child’s body size. Thanks to the overall well-welded thick steel tube construction, the body frame of this bike kart can withstand loads of up to 110 pounds. Go to the TOBBI official website to check the details.

When shopping for your next stroller, look for a seat with an externally adjustable harness, or with an position-adjustable seat. With these two points in mind, you can make using your?stroller?more convenient and functional, as well as?provide a safer and more comfortable ride for your little one.

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