May 22, 2023

Convert Kids Ride-On Car Into A Barber Chair

Do you often encounter naughty children while having them a haircut? Because they always do not want to sit obediently on the barber’s chair. So, why not let them sit on the barber’s chair which they surely like irresistibly? In this article, we will show you step by step how to convert a kids ride-on car into a barber chair.

Carrying out this project requires a series of operational steps, the following are some of the steps that may be required:

1. Determine the structure and design of the kids ride-on car, as well as the design and specifications of the barber chair you want. This step will help you determine what modifications need to be made and how to realize.

2. Prepare the required tools and materials, such as screwdrivers, wrenches, drill bits, screws, nuts, washers, seat cushions, backrests, armrests, etc.

3. Disassemble and clean the kids ride-on car for modification. You may need to remove some parts, such as the seat and footrest, to make modifications easier.

4. Connect the parts of the barber chair, such as the seat, backrest and armrests, to the base of the kids ride-on car. You may need to use parts such as screws and nuts to secure them.

5. Ensure the seat, backrest and armrests and other components are firm and stable enough, and test to make sure that they can withstand the weight of the barber chair.

6. Make a little necessary adjustments, such as adjusting the height and angle of the seat and backrest to ensure that they are ergonomic which can offer a comfortable use experience.

Finally, check whether the modified kids ride-on car barber chairs comply with local laws and regulations and safety standards. If needed, you may need to apply for a permit from the local government agency or take other necessary steps.

Anyway, converting a kids ride-on car to a barber chair requires a series of steps and considerations. If you are not confident about proceeding with the conversion, you??d better ask a professional or experienced person to assist you with the process.

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