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December 7, 2023

Electric Kids Ride On Cars Trends 2023

What are the popular electric kids ride on cars styles and features for 2023? A selection of 4 kids ride on cars to see what makes them popular with consumers.

The best sports cars for children

From sleek designs to cutting-edge features, the kids’ sports cars don’t just bring fun, they offer more. They offer children the chance to experience the joys of driving in style while ensuring their safety and peace of mind of their parents.

Kids Lamborghini Veneno 24v Electric Ride-on Car in Pink

This is a product specially designed for the pink princess who aspires to speed! The pink 24 V Lamborghini Veneno electric ride-on car for children has the same stylish design as the original and features the unmistakable Lamborghini logo.

No detail has been spared! This limited edition ride-on car features four-wheel suspension, a windscreen and Lamborghini doors that actually open and close. Your child can sit in the comfortable seat and use the steering wheel to navigate around the garden and drive down the driveway!

Key features: 2 seats, Lambo opening doors, parental remote control option, engine sounds, MP4 player, seatbelt, LED headlights/tail lights, and working indicators

Kids McLaren 720s Ride on Car with MP4 TV – Blue

Gift your kids the ultimate thrill this Christmas with the miniature McLaren 720s ride on car with MP4 TV in blue! The electric blue colour is sure to amaze your kid when they unwrap their brand-new sports car.

This Mclaren ride on car comes with a robust electric motor and a leather seat for added luxury. It even has an MP4 in-car player so your little racecar driver can watch their favourite programmes when they’re not busy whizzing around. Offering hours of entertainment, this ride on sports car will keep kids playing all day long!

Key features: A leather seat, MP4 TV player, USB music socket, LED headlights/tail lights, seatbelt, and a parental remote control option

Kids Car Bugatti Divo Ride On Car 12v

Your child is guaranteed to turn heads in this blue Bugatti Divo! This stylish electric supercar for kids reproduces the iconic Bugatti design with stunning attention to detail and includes great features such as functional LED headlights and soft leather seats.

It has a child lock for added safety and a robust electric motor that guarantees hours of exciting adventure while encouraging imaginative play.

Key features: Leather seats, MP3 player, LED headlights/tail lights, working indicators, seatbelt, and a parental remote control option

Kids Mercedes Maybach Ride on Electric Car in White

This white Mercedes-Benz Maybach is so close to a life-size version that you would think the seller had somehow scaled down the original! This brand has paid a lot of attention to detail and equipped the car with a Mercedes-Benz logo, two quilted seats and a cream-coloured steering wheel.

It has functions such as a horn, car sounds, working lights and a working door that can be opened and closed. This ride-on also comes with a fully functional remote control in case your child has difficulty operating the accelerator or steering the car.

You can also control the steering with the remote control so you don’t have to worry!

Key features: Seatbelts, parental remote control option, LED headlights/tail lights, engine and horn sounds, and a key start ignition

If you’re looking for a gift for the little car lover in your life, check out the brand TOBBI. From popular brands such as Maserati, Bentley, Benz and Lamborghini, we have all your favorite brands in fun colors. Trucks, motorcycles, tractors, quads—you name it, there’s a ride-on electric toy for every little one. Your kid will be the coolest and the cutest driver in the neighborhood.

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